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Nov 20, 2019

Special Districts Session December 9, 2019

County Wants Public Education on Special Districts
How many taxes are to be collected in the coming year?  According to the Assessor’s Office, for 2019-2020, the tax roll summary is $27 million.  How much of that amount funds county government? $1.9 million.  At first glance that sounds like a lot of money—but the school districts (excluding a bond)—receive $14.9 million; the local community college receiving $2.2 million of that amount collected for the school districts. 
It has been no secret County Commissioner Christopher Paasch has committed himself to bringing awareness to the number of taxing districts there are in the county, and the amount that is distributed to them.  “Most of these districts were set up years ago when monies were needed to run their facilities, but the revenues most districts realize far exceed what anyone imagined when the districts were created.  I think people need to be aware of where their money goes,” commented Paasch. 
Paasch added, “We have five school districts, five cemetery districts, thirteen fire districts, three sanitary districts, three water districts, and five library districts.  We collect for bonds, cities, urban renewal districts, and a road district too.  The county assesses the taxes, and collects them, and gets no money to do so.  People complain because the assessments are out of date, but how can you effectively run government when you’re expending money collecting for special districts from which you can’t charge for your service?  The system is broken.” 
Earlier this year the Board of Commissioners met with leaders of the Southwest Oregon Community College to discuss the Board’s concerns over the amount of local tax dollars going to the college for what Paasch says is, ‘to fund services in Coos County’.  He also met with the Chetco Library Board to see if they would voluntarily contribute some of their revenues to help fund law enforcement and the smaller library districts of Langlois and Agness.  Fellow Commissioners did not support Paasch’s proposal to make a formal request to the Library Board. 
The Board of County Commissioners has agreed to host an informational session on Special Districts.  Commissioner Paasch concluded, “We just want everyone to understand the roles and rules that govern special districts.  We want to make sure our residents understand where their tax dollars go, and what they can do about it if they think they are paying too much”. 
The informational session will be held at the Elks Club on Elk Drive, Brookings, from 2-4 p.m. on Monday, December 9, 2019.  Speakers include the Department of Revenue and the Oregon Special Districts Association.


Nov 15, 2019

Curry County Strategic Planning – Public Survey  November 15 - 30, 2019

Curry County is in the middle of creating a new strategic plan to guide the County’s priorities for the next 5-10 years! Feedback is extremely important to this project, so we’ve launched an online survey to gather public input. 
All interested members of the public—including students—are invited to fill out this short survey to share feedback on the County’s potential goals, challenges, and opportunities for the coming years. You can access the survey here:  
Paper copies are also available at the Board of Commissioners Office.  
For more information about the strategic planning process, visit or contact Julie Schmelzer, Director of County Operations, at


Oct 28, 2019

Curry County Seeks Applicants for the Suicide Prevention and Awareness Council

The Curry County Board of Commissioners recently passed Ordinance 19-12 which, effective January 14, 2020, amends the Curry County Code and creates a Suicide Prevention and Awareness Council. The Council will consist of members of agencies and societal segments that are impacted by, provide for, and influence awareness, prevention, and suicidal attempts.   
The Curry County Suicide Prevention and Awareness Council shall develop and recommend to the agencies that serve within the county, and to the public, plans and tools to provide for and influence the prevention and awareness of suicide in Curry County.  Duties include but are not limited to the study of preventing suicide, plans for the prevention of suicide, and informing agencies and the general public of resources and plans to bring awareness to suicides in the county.  
Click here for  - - 
Application       Press Release       Ordinance 19-12

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