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Board of Commissioners

Mr. Chris Paasch, Chair -

Mr. Court Boice, Vice Chair -

Ms Sue Gold, Commissioner -

Phone: 541.247.3296 / 800.243.1996
Fax: 541.247.2718

comm_logoCurry County is governed by three elected Commissioners, serving four year terms, and together are the Board of Commissioners or BOC

 Each January the then serving commissioners elect a board Chairperson who is responsible for running BOC meetings.

The Commissioner(s) serve as the legislative as well as, to some degree, the executive and quasi-judicial branches of Curry County government.  Commissioners are responsible for the planning, formation and implementation of the annual budget.

In addition, Commissioners serve on other federal, state and local mandated governmental panels, boards and commissions with fiscal duties and authority over public monies.

The BOC, is distinct from the Sheriff's Department, (click: here) Assessor, (click: Assessor) Treasurer,(click: here) and County Clerk, who are separately elected county officials.  The BOC, nevertheless, sets the annual budget for all county departments, and determines overall administrative policy for every department. The BOC works to assure the smooth coordination and functioing of all county offices and departments.

The Board of Commissioners are assisted in their operations and management of county business by a County Administrator who serves at the pleasure of the BOC.  Please click: here for more information about the County Administrator 

Point of Contact:

Chris Paasch, Chair -

Sue Gold, Chair

Court Boice, Commissioner -

Address: 94235 Moore Street, Suite 122, Gold Beach, OR 97444

Phone: 541.247.3296 / 800.243.1996

Fax: 541.247.2718
Monday Through Friday
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(Closed 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.)