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Court Boice - Commissioner

             2018_10_04 Comm Boice Pic February '18'      Veteran's Tour Of Honor

Commissioner Court Boice
2017 in Review and Goals for 2018          
2017 Year in Review                                                                
Curry County Recovery                                                                
2018 Priorities, Vision and Goals                                              
Federal Disaster Declaration

Governor Brown Letter Concerning Use Of Road Funds

Chetco Bar Fire
Lessons From Larger Fires
On The Siskiyou (1938)

March 7, 2018 Fire Update     
Illinois River Near Agness Airdrop
Meeting Presentation

March 21, 2018 Fire Update
Meeting Presentation

Larry Ismert Letter
Fish And Wildlife Habitat
Native Fish Society
Steve Beyerlin Response

April 18, 2018 Fire Update
Chetco River Watershed Map of Fire Damage

June 6, 2018
AOCC Reply to Accusations By Oregon Wild

October 3, 2018
Recent Hiring of New Building Official
October 19, 2018

Chetco Bar Fire - River    Chetco Bar Fire Satelite 8-19     Chetco_bar_fire_8-17-18   0074-2
Chetco Bar Fire                 Chetco Bar Fire Satellite               Chetco Bar Fire                                Yarder
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Vets River Day      AOC Beaver Doherty      Landon     Sheriff Zanni     Chetco Bar Boy    Merv George    SOD Field Trip
July 2017 Letter to Editor    

December 19, 2018
Arlington Cemetery Facts             Indiana Sheriff Honors Fallen Officers
January 8, 2019
Travel Receipts January 2017 to December 2018
 January 2019 Judge's Rulings - - - -
Excess Commissioner Travel       Letter to Curry County Citizens
Save Our Forests
January 20, 2019
Oregon Wildlands Act