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Dec 31, 2018

Curry County Compensation Board Seeking An Applicant

The Compensation Board annually reviews the compensation paid to persons comparably employed by the State of Oregon, local public bodies and private businesses within a labor market deemed appropriate by the board for each elective officer. The board shall take into account such factors as the number of employees supervised and the size of the budget administered by each elective officer, the duties and responsibilities of each elective officer, and the compensation paid to subordinates and other appointed employees who serve in positions of comparable management responsibility. The board shall prepare and approve by majority vote a recommended compensation schedule for the elective officers and shall submit the recommended compensation schedule to the county governing body.


Dec 07, 2018

Curry County Building Codes Appeals Board Seeking 8 Applicants

The Building Codes Appeals Board is comprised of 8 positions. The Board  provides a forum for resolutions of disputes regarding interpretation of Building Codes. It also hears appeals of county official's interpretation of code. The terms are 4 years, expiring August 30th. Membership requirements are:  Professional  -  experience and/or training in building trades.
The positions are: 5 Professional; 2 Lay; and 1 county building official. Click here for more information.

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