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Dec 12, 2019

County Seeks Applicants For Compensation Board

Curry County is seeking one (1) resident who would like to serve on the Curry County Compensation Board with term expiring December 31, 2022. 

The Compensation Board annually reviews the compensation paid to persons comparably employed by the State of Oregon, local public bodies and private businesses within a labor market deemed appropriate by the board for each elective officer. The board takes into account such factors as the number of employees supervised and the size of the budget administered by each elective officer, the duties and responsibilities of each elective officer, and the compensation paid to subordinates and other appointed employees who serve in positions of comparable management responsibility. The board prepares and approves by majority vote a recommended compensation schedule for the elective officers and submits the recommended compensation schedule to the County. 
Interested residents knowledgeable in personnel and compensation management are encouraged to apply. 
Click here for an application.   Click here and then scroll down for more  details. 


Dec 10, 2019

Curry County Phone System and the Sheriff's Office

Due to an upgrade to the county’s phone system this Friday, December 13, 2019,  the Sheriff’s Dispatch will lose automated call routing for the weekend and callers will be unable to leave voice messages from Friday around 6:00 p.m. until early Sunday, December 15, 2019,  morning.    


Nov 26, 2019

New Watermaster in Curry County Beginning January 1, 2020

Beginning on Janaury 1, 2020,   District 14 Watermaster Scott Ceciliani will expand coverage to include all of Curry County.
Click here for the OWRD (Oregon Water Resources Department) press release.


Oct 28, 2019

Curry County Seeks Applicants for the Suicide Prevention and Awareness Council

The Curry County Board of Commissioners recently passed Ordinance 19-12 which, effective January 14, 2020, amends the Curry County Code and creates a Suicide Prevention and Awareness Council. The Council will consist of members of agencies and societal segments that are impacted by, provide for, and influence awareness, prevention, and suicidal attempts.   
The Curry County Suicide Prevention and Awareness Council shall develop and recommend to the agencies that serve within the county, and to the public, plans and tools to provide for and influence the prevention and awareness of suicide in Curry County.  Duties include but are not limited to the study of preventing suicide, plans for the prevention of suicide, and informing agencies and the general public of resources and plans to bring awareness to suicides in the county.  
Click here for  - - 
Application       Press Release       Ordinance 19-12


Oct 08, 2019

County Announces Amnesty Program

As a way to increase assessment revenues and improve health and safety, the Board approved an order creating a six month amnesty program whereby if people voluntarily come forward to get their permits, penalties assessed by the Community Development Department will be waived. 
Click to read the Press Release
Click to read the Order creating the Amnesty Program.


Feb 22, 2018

Curry County Foreclosure  Sales

No Scheduled Sales At This Time. Please Check Back Later.