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 Property Tax Statements in the Mail Soon

Curry County Assessor and Tax Collector, Jim Kolen, reports that his office has prepared the 2020-21 tax roll and property tax statements will be mailed the week of October 19th

First trimester property tax payments are due by Monday November 16th. Tax payments may be made by mail or in person at the Assessor/Tax collector’s office in the Curry Office Annex Building in Gold Beach. Other payment options include payments by telephone or on-line payments. The tax office will be open for payments 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday from October 26 through November 16th this year.

“Most property owners will see a three percent overall increase in their Maximum Assessed Value (MAV),” explained Assessor Jim Kolen. “However Oregon law dictates that property owners will pay property tax on their MAV or their Real Market Value (RMV) whichever is less,” he added. Kolen reminds owners that the 3% limitation in the Oregon Constitution is on the Maximum Assessed Value of a property not the amount of property taxes.

The RMV noted on the tax statement is the assessor’s estimate of what property would have sold for on January 1, 2020 and is based upon sales that occurred primarily in 2019.

Real Market Values are increasing throughout most of the county. This year the Median RMV of single family homes countywide is $290,400      as compared to last year’s median value of $277,000. The 2020-21 median home values by city are $204,800 Port Orford, $254,500 Gold Beach and $316,200 in Brookings. The total RMV of the entire county reached approximately 4.37 billion dollars this year as compared to $4.15 billion in 2019-20.

Overall, AVs increased by 4% in the Cities of Brookings and Gold Beach and 5% in the City of Port Orford.

Property owners within the Port of Port Orford and Brookings-Harbor School districts will have notable changes to their overall tax rates.

The tax rate of the Port of Port Orford will be approximately forty two cents per thousand dollars of assessed value ($0.42/1000) lower this year since in 2019-20 the Port made their final payment for the Port’s bonded indebtedness.

Brookings-Harbor School District 17C is making a larger payment on their bond debt and property owners will see a tax rate increase of approximately fifty four cents per thousand dollars of assessed value ($0.54/1000).

Taxing districts in Curry County have levied $29.7 million dollars in property taxes for 2020-21. The county assesses, collects and distributes the property tax for the districts and receives approximately $1.97 million or 6.6% of the total collected. Of the rest of the total levied taxes approximately 57% goes to Schools, 17% to Cities, 5.4% Libraries, 4.85% Health District and the rest is for Rural Fire Protection, Ports, Cemeteries etc. 

Property owners are encouraged to review their tax statements carefully and if they have questions or have not received their tax statement by November 1st, call Kolen’s office at (541)247-3305 or (866) 298-0307. Valuation questions should be directed to (541) 247-3294 or 800-242-7601.

Kolen’s office continues to contract with Jackson County to process mailed payments at a cost savings to Curry. This is why the return envelope mailed with the tax statement has a Medford Oregon return address.

Property owners making payments by credit card will call the telephone tax payment service at 844-399-5263 and must include their property’s account number which is shown on the upper right hand corner of the tax statement. The account number begins with a letter (R, M, P, U) followed by five digits.

On-line tax payments are made by accessing the Curry County website at: and follow the Assessment/Taxation link to “Make A Tax Payment”. There is a $2.00 bank fee for making an e-check payment, a $3.95 bank fee for a Visa debit payment and a 2.5% bank fee for making a credit card payment. A drop box is also available for after-hours payments and is located just inside the breezeway to the main entrance of the Curry Office Annex Building. During business hours a drop slot is also available just outside the door the Assessor/Tax Collector’s office.

Tax payments must be received by the tax collector or postmarked by Monday November 16th for anyone wishing to receive the 3% discount, there are no exceptions. The 3% discount is available with any of the payment options subject to applicable fees. Payments received after November 16 will not receive a discount and will begin accruing interest due to late payment.

If making payments by trimester the second trimester payment is due February 15th and the third trimester deadline is May 17th. Trimester payments may be made without accruing interest, but there are no discounts.

Kolen reminds citizens that due to COVID-19 and social distancing safety measures the county is limiting the number of customers in offices and face masks are required.



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