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Commissioner Sue Gold

Sue Gold - CopySue Gold
Occupational Background: Mathematics Teacher, High School & Community College; Securities Dealer, Stocks & Bonds; Community Volunteer
Educational Background: B.S. in Mathematics, University of Utah; Masters in Education/Mathematics, University of San Francisco
Prior Governmental Experience: Commissioner, Port of Brookings/Harbor; Board Member, Brookings/Harbor School District; President of the Board, Cape Ferrello Fire District

Suzanne (Sue) Gold   Integrity. Accountability. Responsibility
Sue worked her way through college as an accountant clerk. Her many years of teaching have given Sue a firsthand understanding of the importance of establishing and working towards goals. Sue has worked for our community as a dedicated volunteer and public servant for over 25 years. Sue’s leadership roles have proven her integrity.
Sue believes accountability is essential in any position she has undertaken. She is a problem solver who listens to her students, fellow commissioners, and her constituency. Sue believes public officials, whether volunteer or paid, should be accountable to those they represent.
Responsibility is an essential part of all aspects of Sue’s life. She believes that taxpayers’ money should be spent to benefit the public. As a Curry County Commissioner, Sue utilizes her abilities and expertise to implement a more efficient and cost effective county government. This would include her advocating for a County Manager position. Such a position would enhance employee oversight, provide continuity, and allow the Commissioners to focus on policies which would meet public needs.

  • Sue is working for $10,000 per year, to help pay for a County Manager.
  • She believes in tightening budgets when funds decrease.
  • Sue believes all travel costs and expenses should benefit our county and be made public.
  • She is a fiscal conservative. The first step in budgeting should not  be to raise taxes.

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