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Curry County Planning Commission


         Chair John Brazil                                                                 Commissioner Kevin McHugh       

Vice Chair Bob Morrow                                                        Commissioner Ted Freeman

   Commissioner Karen Kennedy                                          Commissioner Diana St. Marie


Planning Commission Meeting Agenda for Thursday, June 15, 2017; 5:30 PM

County Annex, 94235 Moore Street/Blue Room, Gold Beach, Oregon


1.       Call to Order / Roll Call  

2.       Pledge of Allegiance 

3.       Acceptance of the Agenda 

4.       Public Comment for items not on the Agenda 

5.       Agenda:  

A.       Planning Commission adoption of Resolution 2017-AD-1702 authorizing a similar use to allow for a Natural Resources Research and Education Facility within the Rural Industrial (RI) zone on Map 3514-09, Tax lot 400. Applicant: Oregon Resources Research & Education Center (ORREC).  


B.       Planning Commission adoption of Resolution 2017-S-1702 authorizing a Preliminary plat and plan approval of 23 lot subdivision of an approximately 22.28 acre parcel zoned Residential Two (R-2) located within the Brookings Urban Growth Boundary. Applicant: Mahar Kessler Properties LLC.  


6.       Commissioner Comments

7.       Director Comments
8.        Adjournment: no later than 8:30 PM



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