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The Administrative Decision

The Administrative decision procedure in it’s simplest description is a four-step process:

1. Complete the application for the proposed land use of the subject property in accordance with the zoning ordinance

2. Curry County planning division notifies affected parties of the Director’s pending decision on your proposed use and are provided with a twenty day time period to submit comment.

3. The Director investigates the application and makes a decision on your request based on the factual findings submitted by you to support the request and the comments received from the affected parties.

4. The Director sends a written Order of Administrative Decision to you and the affected parties who responded to the notice.

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 Current Fee Schedule

Conditional Use Application:

Conditional Use Application:

Conditional Uses may be permitted, enlarged or altered in accordance with requirements in the Curry County Zoning Ordinances.  In permitting a conditional use application, the county may impose conditions in additions to the provisions set for used within each zone in order to protect the best interests of the surrounding property, area, or county as a whole.  A change in use, the size of the site, area, use, or a structure that is classified as conditional and in existence prior to the effective date of the ordinance shall conform to all provisions of this ordinance pertaining to conditional uses.



Hardship Dwelling

Permission to place a manufactured dwelling or mobile home in conjunction with an existing dwelling as a temporary use for the term of the medical hardship suffered by an existing resident or relative of the resident.  A letter of verification signed by the Doctor describing the need for the hardship dwelling..  An annual doctors’ verification letter and fee is required.  The hardship dwelling must be removed at the end of the hardship.

Hardship Dwelling Conditional Use must include:

Hardship Dwelling Findings

Service Provider Confirmation

Sewage-Building Coordination form 

Home Occupation

 The home occupation must be a secondary use of a dwelling or building accessory to a dwelling; except that a home occupation may not be authorized in  a structure accessory to a resource use in a forest or agricultural zone.

 Such use shall occupy no more than 30 percent (30%) of the floor area within a dwelling and no more than four hundred (400) square feet within an accessory building.

 No materials or mechanical equipment shall be used which will be detrimental to the residential use of the property or adjoining residences because of vibration, noise, dust, smoke, odor, interference with radio or television reception, or waste products outside of the dwelling or enclosure.

 No materials or commodities shall be delivered to or from the property which are of such bulk or quantity as to require delivery by a commercial vehicle or a trailer, or the parking of customer’s vehicles in a manner or frequency as to cause disturbance or inconvenience to nearby residents.

 No advertising signs shall be allowed with the exception of one non-lighted sign indicating only the name and trade of the property owner as specifically approved by the County.  This sign shall not exceed a size of nine ( 9 ) square feet.

 No structural alterations shall be allowed to accommodate the home occupation except when otherwise required by law, and then only after the plans for such alterations have been reviewed and approved by the County.  Such structural alterations shall not detract from the outward appearance of the building as an accessory structure to a residence.

 A home occupation located on high value farm land may employ only residents of the home.

 Home Occupation Conditional Use Application must include:

Conditional Use Application Packet 2015

Home occupation findings form

Service Provider Confirmation

Sewage-Building Coordination form


Single Family Dwelling

Applications may be approved using three different procedures a grid test, lot of record, or large tract consisting of 160 acres.

 Lot of Record: Lot of record is the person, or their family, has owned the property since at least January 1, 1985.

 Large Tract: Ownership of a minimum 160 acres, or a total of 200 acres that consists or different parcels.  ( Deed restrictions will apply to certain parcels against siting a single family dwelling to total 200 acres)

 Grid Test:  A 160 acre grid must be centered over the parcel in question.  Eleven different parcels must touch INSIDE the box, and of the eleven, at least three must have dwellings that were sited prior to January 1, 1993.

 Single Family Dwelling  Application Must include:

 ​Conditional Use Application packet 2015  

 Grid test:One Acre Square Overlay map or 160 acre rectangle 

One Acre Square overlay map example

160 acre rectangle example

Resourse Dwelling Standards in FG Zone for CUP

Service Provider Confirmation

Zone Change

The present zoning of your property does not permit you to develop or use the land in the way that you desire.  You need to change the land use designation in the Curry County Comprehensive Plan and the zoning of the property to allow your intended use.  In order to do this you must request a site specific plan/zone change.  You need to know about the comprehensive plan/zone change procedure..


Comprehensive Plan—Zone Change Applicant Assistance Sheet


Comprehensive Plan –Zone Change Application